Last update: August 23, 2013 

My family 

 Marieke, Marian and Toon at scouting Angelo Roncalli, summer 2012.

Left: Holiday in Zeeland, may 2010, right: visit to Germany,  2007

Toon with all participants during the semifinal of the NBE junior composers competition, december 2006

Marieke is also musical, she plays bassoon. Toon also has a digital church organ at home since september 2008.

In 2011 we started with several measures to make our house less energy consuming.
Here you can see some photos of what we did.


On July 20, 2013 we had a nice familiday.

 and hobbies
(last update: March 25, 2016)

My hobbies are sport and music.
I play badminton at BCEhv and I do jogging in the weekends.
To enjoy concerts we often go to the Frits Philips Muziekcentrum.
I also listen a lot to music at home using partially self-made equipment.
Below is a picture of the setup as in use since december 2014. 
The speakers are build around the Bastanis12 inch wide range, high sensitivity unit.
The woofer is a BD-15, the tweeter is the Bastanis Airforce .
The music is played from a laptop using Foobar.
The digital signal goes to the Audiolab MDAC using a USB connection.
The DAC is connected to Tripath TA2021B amplifiers fed from a single 12 volt battery and
to a Behringer DCX2496 equalizer that feeds the bass amplifiers.
Since august 2013 I no longer use speaker cables, see details are here.
On the table is my B&W P7 headphone.


I started building amplifiers and loudspeakers when I was 15
because I did not have money at that time for new equipment.
I made a serious restart of this hobby in 1998 with building the Jericho horn.
I also made my own valve amplifier based on an Audio Note Kit 1 (300B single ended).
Play-back of music by a PC came in 2007 using Foobar under Windows coupled by USB to a Twindac.

More information on stuff I have, or had in the past:
Jericho horns
Modified Kit One tube amplifier
Modular speakers
HighAmp100 bass amplifier
Bastanis open baffle
Tripath amplifiers
Digital audio
Other equipment

A large amount of links on more hi-fi can be found at Audiolinks