List of invited speakers

Thomas Mosbach- Universitaet Essen-Germany
VUV laser spectroscopy of high vibrational and rotational H2-states

Vincenzo Palleschi-Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics, CNR Pisa-Italy
A new self calibrated method for precise quantitative analysis by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

Andrew Orr-Ewing- University of Bristol- Great Brittain
Pulsed and continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy probes of chemical vapour deposition plasmas

David Vender - Dublin City University - Ireland
Measuring current, voltage and impedance in rf plasmas

E. Kindel - INP Greifswald - Germany
The hook method - Interferometric diagnostics of gas discharges

Jean-Michel Pouvesle - Universite Orleans - France
X and XUV radiations: generation and applications opportunities for diagnostics

Laurent Vallier - CNRS/LETI, Grenoble - France
Chemical topography analysis using XPS during plasma etching in Si processing

H. ter Meulen-Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen - The Netherlands
Laser diagnostics in a diamond depositing oxy-acetylene flame

Eddie van Veldhuizen-Eindhoven University of Technology- The Netherlands
Corona discharges: fundamentals and diagnostics

Milenko Zuzic-Max Planck Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching - Germany
Plasma Crystals: In the laboratory and under microgravity conditions