Invited presentations

  1. T. Mosbach, H.F. Doebele "VUV laser spectroscopy of high vibrational and rotational H2 states"
  2. R.J.H. Klein-Douwel, R.L. Stolk J.J. Ter Meulen "Laser diagnostics in a diamond depositing oxy-acetylene flame"
  3. VD. Bulajic, M. Corsi, G. Cristoforetti, S. Legnaioli, V. Palleschi, A. Salvetti, E. Tognoni "A new self-calibrated method for precise quantitative analysis by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy"
  4. Andrew Orr-Ewing "Pulsed and continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy probes of chemical vapour deposition plasmas"
  5. E.M. van Veldhuizen, W.R. Rutgers “Corona discharges: fundamentals and diagnostics”
  6. E. Kindel, F. Adler “The hook method-interferometric diagnostics of gas discharges”
  7. L. Vallier, O. Joubert, G. Cunge, J. Foucher "Chemical topography analysis using XPS during plasma etching in Si processing"
  8. David Vender "Measuring current, voltage, and impedance in rf plasmas"
  9. Jean-Michel Pouvesle "X and XUV radiations: generation and applications opportunities for diagnostics"
  10. Milenko Zuzic "Plasma Crystal: In the laboratory and under microgravity conditions"


Short oral presentations

  1. S. Gomez. P.G. Steen, B. Graham “Atomic oxygen density and sticking coefficients measured in an inductively coupled plasma”
  2. A. Broc, G. Dilecce, S. De Benedictis “Diagnostics of N2/O2 pulsed rf plasma jet: TALIF measurements of N and O atoms and OES of the glow”
  3. M.M. Hemerik, G.M.W. Kroesen “ The final frontiers of cavity ringdown spectroscopy: the mid-infrared
  4. W.M.M. Kessels, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, E.R. Fisher, E.S. Aydil, M.C.M. van de Sanden “Advanced diagnostics for exploring the growth mechanism of plasma deposited materials”
  5. S. Agarwal, L. Tagawa, D. Maroudas, E.S. Aydil “Effect of atomic deuterium on a-Si:H thin films”  
  6. F. Hempel, L. Mechold, J. Röpcke “Infrared absorption spectroscopic studies of H2-Ar-N2-microwave discharges containing methane or methanol”
  7. M. Böke, J. Winter “Atomic lithium beam spectroscopy for Ne and Te in reactive plasmas”
  8. S. Mazouffre, R. Engeln, P. Vankan, D.C. Schram. “Two-photon laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy: a powerful diagnostic tool to monitor ground state atom properties in a plasma environment”




Poster session 1:

Monday March 26,  20:00-22:00

  1. G. Dilecce and S. De Benedictis “OH LIF calibration by a pulsed low pressure rf discharge”
  2. F. Krcma, Z. Raskova M. Klima, J. Kousal “Characterization of plasmachemical treatment of archeological artefacts”
  3. J. Benedikt, K.G.Y. Letourneur, D.C. Schram, M.C.M. van de Sanden “Deposition of a-C:H thin films: material characteristics and plasma chemistry”
  4. M. Osiac, L. Mechold, and J Röpcke “Spectroscopic studies of H2-Ar microwave plasmas containing diborane”
  5. A. C. W. Biebericher, J. Bezemer, W. F. van der Weg, W. J. Goedheer” Monitoring of plasma processes by using Optical Emission Spectroscopy and plasma modelling” 
  6. Z. Altug, J. Neumann, T. Rieper, and V. Helbig, “Determination of the Electric Field Strength in a Low Pressure Gas Discharge”
  7. M. Kaczor, H. Soltwisch “Numerical simulation of a multi-channel light scattering diagnostic system for low temperature plasmas”
  8. F.M. Dias “Time-resolved Spectroscopy of HF Discharges: Low-price Instrumentation Approaches”

9.      T.Gans, V.Schulz-von der Gathen, H.F.Döbele “Determination of quenching coefficients by time resolved emission spectroscopy in a hydrogen RF discharge”

10.  M.F.A.M. van Hest, A. Klaver, and M.C.M. van de Sanden “A new and fast in-situ spectroscopic infrared absorption measurement technique”

  1. C. Manthey, H.-M. Katsch and H.F. Döbele “Loss mechanisms of negative oxygen ions in an inductively coupled rf discharge”
  2. M. van de Sande, J. van der Mullen ” A triple spectrograph system for low stray light Thomson scattering measurements“
  3. M. Sorokine, D. Hayashi, W.W. Stoffels, G.M.W. Kroesen “Voltage, current and electron density measurements in an air radio-frequency plasma.”
  4. Th. Callegari, R. Ganter, J.P Boeuf and N. Sadeghi, “Time and space dependent xenon (5p5 6s) excited states density in a macroscopic display panel cell”
  5. B. Visser, D. Hayashi G.M.W. Kroesen “Electric field strength in a Xe-Ne glow discharge”
  6. V.A. Lisovskiy, S.D. Yakovin, V.D. Yegorenkov, “Scaling law for a low-pressure gas breakdown in a DC electric field in oxygen”
  7. C. Foissac, P. Supiot, S. Mazouffre, R. Engeln, D.C. Schram,  N. Sadeghi and A. Campargue “Revisited kinetics of the short lived afterglo of a nitrogen microwave discharge”
  8.  H. Tavassoli, F. Sohbatzadeh, H. Latifi, B. Shokri ”Magnetic field effects on cross section of inelastic electron-ion collisions”
  9. A. Brockhaus, St. Geisler, A. Schwabedissen, J. Engemann,”Determination of silicon densities by cavity-ringdown spectroscopy”
  10. G. Dinescu, A. de Graaf, E. Aldea, M.C.M. van de Sanden, "Hypothesizing chemical processes in the expansion of thermal plasma generated in Ar/N2, Ar/N2/C2H2 and Ar, Ar/N2 in contact with copper or graphite from comparitive study of the emitted spectra”



Poster session 2:

Wednesday March 28 20:00-22:00


  1. F. Krčma, H. Hajduchová, P. Horvath “Application of Synthetic Spectra of Diatomic Molecules to Plasma Diagnostics in Industry”
  2. P.J.W. Vankan, S. Mazouffre, R. Engeln, D.C. Schram “Transport of H atoms and H2 molecules in an expanding hydrogen plasma
  3. X.Zhu, J. van der Mullen “Feasability study on X-ray spectroscopy on HID lamps”
  4. B. Shokri, H. Ghomi, and H. Latifi “Dielectric Cherenkov maser with a dielectric rod and plasma column in a  slow-wave waveguide “
  5. P. Scheubert, P. Awakowicz, U. Fantz “Experimental and theoretical characterisation of an ICP source”
  6. R.P. Dahiya and A.K. Bandopadhyay, R.K. Garg, S.S. Chauhan “Expanding thermal plasma for case hardening of surfaces”
  7.  I. Moeller and H. Soltwisch “Investigation of reactive plasmas in an inductively coupled GEC reference cell by absorption spectroscopy”
  8. N. Lang, B.P. Lavrov, J. Röpcke “Spectroscopic Determination of the Dissociation Degree in Pulsed Plasmas containing Hydrogen
  9. J.P.M. Hoefnagels, A.A.E. Stevens, W.M.M. Kessels, M.C.M. van de Sanden, “Time resolved cavity ring down measurements for the determination of surface and gas phase reactivity of radicals”
  10. K. Niemi, V. Schulz-von der Gathen, H.F. Döbele “TALIF calibration with noble gases for quantitative atomic density measurements”
  11.  C.Maurice, F.H.R. Feijen and G.W.M.Kroesen “Langmuir probe measurements in an ICP
  12. D. Luggenhoelscher, U. Czarnetzki, H.F. Doebele “Investigations on Electric Field Distributions in a Microwave Discharge in Hydrogen”
  13. C.E.Thompson, P.G.Steen, G. Craig, T.Morrow , W.G.Graham “Challenges of Thomson scattering in molecular gas plasmas.”
  14. P. Macko, D. Romanini and N. Sadeghi “Saturation phenomena in cw Cavity RingDown Spectroscopy, total density depletion by collisional transfers.”
  15. C.S. Corr, P.G. Steen and W.G. Graham “Instabilities in inductively coupled plasmas”
  16. A. Howling, L. Sansonnens, Ch. Hollenstein, A. Belinger, E. Turlot, J. Perrin, J. Schmitt ”Measurements of Substrate Charging After Plasma Processing”
  17. N.Sadeghi, Z.Lj. Petrovic,G.N. Malovic, A.I. Strinic “Excitation coefficients for ionic levels of Xe
  18.  G.V. Paeva, W.W. Stoffels, E. Stoffels, R. P. Dahiya, G.M.W. Kroesen “Coating of particles by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition ”
  19. A.H.M. Smets, J.H. van Helden, M.C.M. van de Sanden "Defect density measurements of a-Si:H by means of the cavity ring-down absorption technique”
  20. S.S. Alimov, V.V. Bobkov, R.I. Starovoitov, V.N. Andreyev “The effect of spatial distribution of ion energies and current density on the adhesion and structure of Cu coatings deposited by planar magnetron sputtering”