Sunday March 25th

17.00-19.30 Arrival and welcome party.

19.30 Dinner


Monday March 26th (session leader: Gerrit Kroesen)

8:45 Opening by Nader Sadeghi and Richard van de Sanden

9:00 Thomas Mosbach "VUV laser spectroscopy of high vibrational and rotational H2 states"

10:00 Hans Ter Meulen "Laser diagnostics in a diamond depositing oxy-acetylene flame"

11:00 coffee/tea

11:30 Bill Graham “Atomic oxygen density and sticking coefficients measured in an inductively coupled plasma”

12:00 Santolo De Benedictis “Diagnostics of N2/O2 pulsed rf plasma jet: TALIF measurements of N and O atoms and OES of the glow”

12:30-14:00 lunch

17:00 Vincenzo Palleschi "A new self-calibrated method for precise quantitative analysis by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy" (session leader: Bill Graham)

18:00 dinner

20:00-22:00 poster session I


Tuesday March 27th (session leader: Nader Sadeghi)

9:00 Andrew Orr-Ewing "Pulsed and continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy probes of chemical vapour deposition plasmas"

10:00 Gerrit Kroesen “ The final frontiers of cavity ringdown spectroscopy: the mid-infrared”

10:30 Erwin Kessels “Spectroscopic and mass spectrometric radical studies used for a-Si:H and a-SiNx:H deposition”

11:00 coffee/tea

11:30 Eddie van Veldhuizen “Corona discharges: fundamentals and diagnostics”

12:30-14:00 lunch

14:00-18:00 afternoon off: excursion

19:00 Conference dinner


Wednesday March 28th (session leader: Santolo De Benedictis)

9:00 Frank Adler “The hook method - an interferometric diagnostic of gas discharges”

10:00 Sumit Agarwal “Effect of atomic deuterium on a-Si:H thin films” 

10:30 Frank Hempel “Infrared absorption spectroscopic studies of H2-Ar-N2-microwave discharges containing methane or methanol”

11:00 coffee/tea

11:30 Laurent Vallier "Chemical topography analysis using XPS during plasma etching in Si processing"

12:30-14:00 lunch

17:00 David Vender "Measuring current, voltage, and impedance in rf capacitive and inductive plasmas" (session leader: Alan Howling)

18:00 dinner

20:00-22:00 poster session II


Thursday March 29th (session leader: Henning Soltwisch)

9:30 Marc Boeke “Atomic lithium beam spectroscopy for Ne and Te in reactive plasmas”

10:00 Stephane Mazouffre “Two-photon laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy: a powerful diagnostic tool to monitor ground state atom properties in a plasma environment”

10:30 coffee/tea

11:00 Milenko Zuzic “Plasma Crystal: In the laboratory and under microgravity conditions”

12:00 Closure of workshop


* On Tuesday afternoon (after lunch) an excursion to the capital of the province Limburg, Maastricht, is organised. During the excursion a train through the hilliest part of The Netherlands will bring you to Maastricht, where you can choose between a guided tour through Maastricht or a guided tour through the caves near Maastricht (both with an English speaking guide). The costs for this afternoon trip are NLG 25. Registration for one of the two tours can be done at arrival at Rolduc.