Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

and Relativity Theory

Dr Willem M. de Muynck
associate professor, retired from and presently guest at
Theoretical Physics
Department of Applied Physics
Eindhoven University of Technology
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the Netherlands
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Quantum mechanics the way I see it
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Quantum mechanics the way I see it
(In the quantum mechanical forest few paths do not lead into nowhere land.)

The items of the following list are extensively dealt with in my book
W.M. de Muynck, Foundations of quantum mechanics, an empiricist approach, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, London, 2002, ISBN 1-4020-0932-1 (list of errata), which is based for the main part on publications listed here; for comments or requests please send e-mail to


  • Hidden variables or subquantum theories

  • Some relevant books