Dutch InterPore Meeting 28 October 2014

The Netherlands Chapter of InterPore (International Society for Porous Media, www.interpore.org) is organizing its 4th mini-symposium on experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects of porous media research, carried out in the Netherlands. Scientists working in the Netherlands in different fields of porous media research, are invited to share their knowledge and expertise. In this mini-symposium, there will be presentations and posters on fundamental and applied aspects of porous media including chemical, industrial, and technological applications.

Preliminary program
9.30-10.00      Reception with coffee
10.00-10.05    opening by Rob Hamer, Vice President R&D Discover Foods, Unilever
10.05-10.30    John van Duynhoven, Unilever, Research porous media
10.30-11.00    Maarten Biesheuvel, Wetsus, Transport of ions, colloids and water in porous media and membranes,
                         with special attention to water desalination by capacitive deionization
11.00-11.15    Coffee break
11.15-11.45    Hans Janssen, KU-Leuven, Dynamic effects for moisture transfer in building materials
11.45-12.15    Veerle Cnudde, UGent, Dynamic processes and fast laboratory-based micro-computed tomography: accomplishments and perspectives towards the future

12.15-13.30    Poster session + lunch break

Holger Steeb, Bochum, Non-Darcian flow in porous media - Experimental and numerical investigations on various scales
14.00-14.30    Hans KuipersEindhoven University of Technology
14.30-15.00    Daan de Kort, Wageningen, Characterization of Hydrogels through Nanoparticle NMR  Diffusometry
15.00-15.15    Coffee break

15.30-16.00    Camilo Rindt, Eindhoven University of Technology, Thermo chemical heat storage,
16.00-16.30    Marten Buijse, Shell, Micro emulsions for enhanced oil recovery

  Majid Hassanizadeh on behalf of Interpore International, Interpore Benelux
16.45-              Poster session + drinks offered by Unilever


The meeting will be at the Unilever Vlaardingen. It will take place in the auditorium (see map + route desription pdf)


For registration, please send an email to:  P.A.J.Donkers@tue.nl
When you register please indicate name, department, university. If you would like to present a poster, please indicate and provide the title (Please register before 14 October). There are no costs involved in registering, but we would like to urge you to become a member of the Interpore (50 Euro)


Local organization committee

John van Duynhoven, Unilever
Pim Donkers  (TU/e)
Leo Pel (TU/e)

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