workshop CRYSPOM III
Crystallization in Porous Materials
4-7 September 2012 Tróia Portugal

After the first successful workshops in Paris 2008 and Brienz 2010 the international workshop Crystallization in Porous Media will take place 4-7 September at Troia in Portugal.
The workshop focuses on fundamental research of crystallization in porous material. It aims for a better understanding of the damage mechanism to allow implementing effective preventive and protective measures and treatments. This third edition of the workshop will also focus on the development of low energy heat storage systems based on salts. 
Topics are:
•    Nucleation and crystal growth in the pore network
•    Crystallization pressure and its relation with damage
•    Behaviour of salt mixtures
•    Influence of salts on moisture transport processes, e.g., during drying
•    Measurements for prevention or remediation of salt decay
•    Methods for control of crystallization
•    Heat storage by salts
The idea is to bring together leading researchers and Ph.D. students to provide for a constructive and open dialogue. Also it seeks to promote collaborations between theorists and experimentalists on an international level.

Keynote Speakers
Jan Carmeliet  –  ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
George W. Scherer  – Princeton University (USA)
Michael Steiger – Hamburg University (Germany)
Marc Prat -IMFT (France)
Encarnación Ruiz Agudo - University of Granada (Spain)    
José Delgado Rodrigues - LNEC (Portugal)
Nima Shokri  - Boston University (USA)



30-sept 2012 NEW  Photos CrysPOM Troia

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