Multitrack Recording

By Dave Magnuson
edited by Erwin Timmerman


[ET]: This is an edited mirror of the former recording section of the Independent Music Site.  The site was updated and the recording section was kicked off. That is a shame because there was some nice info on there. So I asked Dave if I could mirror most of the recording content. He gave his kind permission, so here it is :-)

I have left out the links that are already covered in the recording faq or somewhere else, but for the rest the content is pretty much the same.



Getting Started - Here's the bare bones list of equipment you'll need to get started in home recording.

Home Recording and Mixing Basics - Basically a FAQ, this is a large list of pointers to help get you going on the right foot in your recording efforts.

DAWs - This is an article detailing a typical home studio DAW setup.  Gives info about the author's computer, software, soundcards, etc.

Backup Techniques - The hows and whys of data backup for your digital studio.  Don't risk losing all of your work by not making backups.

Bouncing - Most of us are limited in the amount of tracks we can record.  If you often find yourself wishing you had more tracks on your recorder, this article will show you how to cheat and squeeze some more  music onto your tape.

Wow and Flutter - Every cassette deck has a little wow and flutter... it's one of the drawbacks of the technology.  This article is a description of  the sound of wow and flutter and it's causes.

Drum Tuning - A properly tuned set of drums is essential for a great drum sound, and Jay Kahrs from Brown Sound Studios in NJ explains the whole process in detail.

Home Studio Technical Page - A semi-random collection of technical info that may be useful in your home studio.

Tascam 238 Syncaset - In my opinion, the best cassette-based multitracker ever made.  This is a mini-FAQ about my multitracker of choice.


Basic Acoustics:  A nice little resource explaining some theory behind the acoustics of a room.

Noise Control: Preventing Noise escape and how to help treat the interior space for better sound quality

Building a Drum Room: Here's a few ideas on how to build a drum room for your home studio.

Other Recording Resources:

There's also a list of books and magazines that offer assistance for recording on my Music Publications page.


Recording Links

Hoohah Records Dave's own record label

Audio's home Recording studio Tips and Techniques - a growing site for home recording

Doing it Yourself - A Guide to Making Music Pretty self-explanitory... many topics covered, including studio design

Home Project Epicenter Currently under construction, but covers a various topics, especially focuses on digital recording.

Home Recording at - An archive of over 100 weekly features dealing with all kinds of recording techniques. A busy chatroom and bulletin board, a great links archive  a free email newsletter with lots of great resources for home recordists, and more.

Home Recording Website - all sorts of info home and project studios.

Lo Fi Forum -  All about doing it on your own.  A nice growing site.

Synergy Central - A collection of musician resources for songwriters, DiY home recordists, etc.  This site is still under construction, but is obviously going to be great when completed.

Template Paradise - a collection of templates for various popular graphics programs. They have templates for CD tray cards, etc.

Tweak Of The Week A new recording tip or trick is posted weekly...

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