Spectrum Viewer 2.6

Site last updated:  Mar-23-2009

version 2.6.3 released


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Spectrum viewer: reads and displays XY-plots (up to 4000 in one go) on an XY-graph or as a 2D intensity plot.

Ease-of-use: the program was designed to do simple operations as easy as possible. Zoom in? Draw a rectangle, right-click. That's it. Zoom Out? Just right-click again and you're done. Delete a spike? Draw a rectangle around it, press ctrl-del and it's gone. Shift a plot? Simply drag it to its place. Integrate, differentiate, logarithm? It all happens graphically so you see instant results. No need to learn some complex script language just to do a few simple things. Every function is accessible with the menu or with keyboard shortcuts.

Signal conditioning: smoothing, spike elimination, averaging multiple sets into one, deleting offset jumps, shifting or multiplying plots by dragging them over the graph.

Delete spikes just by pressing ctrl-del (click image for tutorial)

Analysis: Peak area, deconvolution, subtracting a hand drawn background, full width half max, Histogram of Y values, differentiate (per data point or smoothed), integrate, log...

peak area


full width half max

Reads many different XY data files: can read binary files as well as quite strange format text files. You can set a lot of parameters to make Spectrum Viewer read your file flawlessly. For an idea of which text files the program is able to read, look here, here, here, there, to this and to that. If your file is so strange that Spectrum Viewer still won't read it, you can write a plug-in which SV can load automatically during file opening. Create your own native file format support!. 

Easy data exchange: Copy the graph bitmap to the clipboard for use in Word, copy data set tables into the clipboard for use in Excel, or paste Excel tables via the clipboard into Spectrum Viewer. Load bitmaps into Spectrum Viewer to re-create the data by tracing over it. For permanent storage you can also save all selected plots into one file as binary or text (space, tab or comma separated).

Data file organizer: You can select a displayed data set, and then make Spectrum Viewer physically delete the corresponding file from disk. This way you always SEE what you delete, you don't have to remember the name of the file.

Measure program display: With DDE you can make other programs control Spectrum Viewer. After measuring, SV can automatically open and display your measured file.



Spectrum Viewer program and documentation written by Erwin Timmerman


License: Free! 
You may use Spectrum Viewer for commercial purposes to look at data files. You may copy Spectrum Viewer and give it to your collegues or friends. However, you may not distribute copies of Spectrum Viewer from your own web site, or include Spectrum Viewer in a commercial product which you sell to third parties, without my written permission.

What others say about Spectrum Viewer:

"What a fantastic program. Its all the bits of MATLAB code I have written/have been meaning to write in one great package."
"Your program is unique in the way it handles plots graphically and interactively. You've done a great job!"
"One of the best features of SV is how easy it is to copy/paste to/from other applications!"
"The drag spectrum option is brilliant (really cool, I have never come across any commercial software that can do the same function as easily)"
"Your documentation for Spectrum Viewer is world-class!"


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