Analyze g Full Width Half Max

Calculates the full width half max distance of a peak, and displays the results on the graph in a new data set with data set text.

The calculated result is more accurate than the resolution of your plot!

g Automatic
Searches your plot for the highest Y value and assumes this as the correct peak position. If you draw a rectangle before selecting FWHM only the part of your plot within the rectangle will be searched. Use this if your plot contains multiple peaks.

g Manual
Preferred for noisy peaks: the Y value of the peak is determined by clicking on it. You have to do this before you select the Full Width Half Max Manual command. The program assumes that exact Y value of your last click (displayed in the indicator at the top right of the graph) is the max Y value of the peak.
The X value of your last click will be the starting point from where the program will go down both legs of the peak. This doesn't need to be as precise as the Y value, just as long as it falls within the area of the half max distance line.