Analyze g Localized Standard Deviation

Gives the variance of all selected plots compared to a plot that contains the mean values (the "mean value" plot should not be selected).

For example, if you have several identical measurements, you can average all measurements into one plot. The resulting plot is more or less what the measurements "should be". You can now determine how much variance all data points with the same X-value across al plots have compared to the average plot. 


In the example you can see that at the left side of the plots difference between the source plots and the mean plot is greater, and as a result the local standard deviation at the left side is higher as well. 

This command creates two new plots (one for N and one for N-1), with data points at the exact same X-values as the mean plot. Then for each data point it determines the Y-values of all the selected curves at the same X-value (if any curve does not have a data point at this exact X-value, the Y-value between the surrounding data points is interpolated for this X-value). Of all these Y-values together, the standard deviation compared to the Y-value of the mean plot is calculated.