The graph style menu

The graph style menu is accessible by right-clicking on the graph title area. This is the area between the top of the graph and the menu.

The graph title area

After right-clicking in the graph title area, the following popup menu will appear.

g Graph title
Here you can enter the graph title.

g Name panel font
Here you can set the font and the font size of the name panel.

g Graph background color
g Graph grid color
With these commands you can set the graph background color and the grid color.

TIP: when you print a graph, or you export its bitmap, the background color will be white, regardless of the settings you have chosen here. If you set the background color of the graph to offwhite, and the grid color to white, the grid will be visible to you when you use the program, but it will not be visible when you print or export the graph.

With the above settings the grid is not visible when the graph is printed 

g Graph size
g Panel size
Here you can enter the size of the graph or the panel in pixels. The graph size  corresponds to the size of the image of the exported bitmap. The size of the panel will be a bit larger. In order to avoid annoying panel vs. picture calculations, I've added both options J

g Graph bitmap export size
The bitmap export size is by default the same as the graph size in pixels. If you want to obtain a sharper image, you can set a higher resolution by choosing a number of times the graph size. You can also set a custom value. When choosing a custom value of which the aspect ratio differs greatly from the graph aspect ratio on your screen, the resulting bitmap will look stretched.