Edit g Data set text

Adds text labels to a data set, e.g. for identifying peaks. The text labels have their own X-value and Y-value, and will move with the graph when you shift, zoom in, or zoom out. The font will not change when you zoom.


The text labels can be saved with the data set if you save the data set as a .svf file, either by using the save session or the save all into one command

g Edit (ctrl-E)

In this mode you can add text labels, or edit them. Whether they are added or edited depends on the number of data sets selected. 

If only one data set is selected, text labels will be added to that data set. You can add a text label by clicking anywhere on the graph. A popup will come up that will ask you for the wanted text, and then the entered text will be put on the graph, where you clicked. The origin of the text will be bottom center, but you can change this when you edit the label later on.


Adding a text label when only one data set is selected

If no data set is selected, or several data sets are selected, the existing text labels can be moved around and edited. You can move text labels around by just dragging them. You can edit existing text labels by double-clicking on them. After double-clicking on a text label, the following window comes up:

The text label properties window

You can edit the name, the position (X value and Y value), the color and the origin of the text label. 

The color of the text label will by default be the same color as the data set it belongs to. You can set another color manually by selecting another color in the properties window. Once the color of a text label is set manually, it will not change when the data set itself changes color (when the data set is moved to another position in the name panel for example).

By default, the origin of the text label will be center bottom. Depending on the type of plot and its peaks, it might be needed to change this to keep the text label in place when the graph is zoomed in or out.

with an origin of bottom left the text overlaps the plot when zoomed out

with an origin of bottom right the text stays at the correct position

g Delete

Deletes all text labels from all data sets.