File g Load session

This will load one Spectrum Viewer Format (.svf) File, the result of a save session or a save all into one command. If you use load session instead of open file, the zoom state and the saved legend will also be loaded. You would typically use this to load a file you used to create a picture from with the export graph bitmap command.

g Including plot styles
g Excluding plot styles (Shift-O)

Normally, Spectrum Viewer stores its plot styles in the SpecView.ini file. The plot style of a data set (color, line style etc.) is therefore determined by the number the data set ends up in during loading. If you created a picture, you might want to make sure that a data set has exactly the same style when you load it as that it had when you saved it. In that case, use "Including plot styles". In all other cases, use "Excluding plot styles".

Including the plot styles will override the standard plot style settings, which may result in a lot of plots ending up with the same plot style, especially when multiple files are loaded on top of eachother. You can reset the default plot style order with the reset plot styles command.