File g Open special format (ctrl-shift-O)

If the file to read is a binary file, or if it consists of more than two columns, or if the file has some lines to skip before the actual data begins, you can set the properties of the data set with this panel. If the file is so large that the processing of the graphs takes very long, you can also perform data reduction during the file read process.

Once set, the program remembers the special file settings while it is loaded. Every file that is opened will then be opened using the special format, unless it is again disabled with the disable button. Even when the program is ended and restarted the special format settings will remain, as they are stored in the SpecView.ini file. When you use a lot of different types of files, you can store the different settings in presets.



 The special format takes into account that a data file can consist of

For some examples of which files the program can read, take a look at the One column example, Two column example, 8 column example, Time format example, Repeated data example 1 and Repeated data example 2 files. There are presets stored in Spectrum Viewer to read these files.

To be able to display these types of files you get the choice to: