You can install the program by running setup.exe. The program will install itself by default in the 
C:\Program Files\SpectrumViewer folder, but you can change this when desired. 

In the program subfolder called "TestSpectra" a few files that you can use to test and experiment with the program will be installed. The files which have a "txt" extension you can examine with notepad. By doing this you can also get an idea of what files the program is able to read. There are 28 TwoColumnExample files, that you can use for experimenting with opening a whole bunch of files at the same time. There are also a one column example file, a time format example file, and a file with eight columns. Look at these files with notepad and you will see instructions on how to open them in the program.


You can uninstall the program by either running setup.exe for the second time, or by using the “Add/Remove Programs” option in the Windows Control Panel. However, doing so will not delete the settings of the program. Spectrum Viewer normally stores its settings in the user application data folder, typically located in

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\SpectrumViewer, or
C:\Windows\Application Data\SpectrumViewer.

You can delete this folder if you do not plan to use Spectrum Viewer in the future, or if you want to start anew with fresh settings.

Making the program portable

The settings from Spectrum Viewer are by default stored in the user application data folder, typically C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\SpectrumViewer. For usage on one stand-alone computer this is the best option, because you don't need administrator rights to write in this folder, and in a multi-user environment every user can have his own personal settings. However, if you want to run Spectrum Viewer from a USB-stick, it is not very nice if you have to re-do all your settings when you move your stick from one computer to another.

You can make Spectrum Viewer portable by creating an empty file called "portable" (no caps, no extension, no quotes) in the program folder. If this file is present, it will force Spectrum Viewer to read and store its settings in its program folder instead of the user application data folder.